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my fashion rules:
-wear ur hat backwards
-when u take off ur pants at the end of the day they should leave marks bcs they are too tight
-wear thick socs and a pair of docs
-when ur dad says “i’m throwing away my old t-shirts, do you want them?” say yes
-same goes with old dad jackets
-if it’s 80 degrees out pretend it’s not

Anonymous asked:
omg no i pressed send too fast that i forgot to put myself on anon

hehe ;-)


it was thirst at first sight

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my dad just got an iPhone and is being too goofy

it’s chilly today thnk god! hoping the cold weather finds you soon~*~*~

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i am literally cracking up in a coffee shop why is this so funny

theive got me like *_*

i wish gender neutral language was more common i wish people didn’t feel the need to know every person’s gender that walks by them on the street


@girls please kiss me thanks

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Anonymous asked:
can you post a pic of your mama in her youth? did y'all look alike?

i will in a bit after i look through all of my grandma’s picture books but i dont think me and my ma looked alike at all. me and my dad resemble eachother more.

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