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me and my mom are both in college :,-)

Anonymous asked:
whats your fav snack

coffee and french fries

Anonymous asked:
u live in seattle? i thought u were a pgh human

i moved here like 2 months ago, in my heart i am always a pgh human tho :,-)

bloodandchlorophyll asked:
what is your opinion on math?

math is important! and even if you are not applying all of the math you learn in school to everyday life situations, it is still a workout for your brain!!

Anonymous asked:
have u ever played any sports?

yes!! soccer and swim and tennis!! but most importantly soccer cause i’m good.


why cant more of ya b lyk ru-cp?

sammy is my bff :,-)

SOS the kids are asleep and i’m about to be too and that is not responsible!!!

anon me be mean be nice

ASK me q’s the kids are asleep

wazuulu imu :/


vashtifunyun the fam!

i miss sammy and orla

Jenny Holzer, Living Series

making friends is weird !!